League Rules


1. Each county shall be represented by six fours, all of which shall be full playing members of the clubs of counties affiliated to the Home Counties Indoor Bowling Association. No player shall play for more than one county in any one season.

2. The league shall be played as six rinks all at the same venue.  All matches to start at 10.a.m.Counties to reciprocate the venue on the following year.

Unless mutually agreed otherwise, on a Saturday: or Sunday, in whites, coloured shirts as approved by the E.I.B.A. may be worn.

3. All bowls to bear the appropriate county stickers.

4.The match shall be of 21 ends, subject to a four-hour time limit as per E.I.B.A. laws of the game, and points awarded as follows:

Two points for a rink win, one point for a drawn rink ten points for winning the match.

Total points to be awarded between the two counties are twenty two.

All six rinks are to play. But where there are player short-falls for any reason, the following priorities are to be used to ensure the maximum number of individual matches are played.

(a) Where there are between one and four players short , then that County shall turn out that same number of triples to play against their opponents, each triple having to reduce their shot tally scored by a 25% reduction to ascertain their final score. It shall not be permitted to omit and concede a whole rink.

(b) If more than four players are short, as many triples as possible must be formed in order that the maximum number of matches are playable prior to the concession of any individual matches. The short side cannot then reform rinks as a means of limiting their penalty.

(c) Where a county does then become one rink short, they shall then concede those rink points to the opposition along with a 10 shots deduction contributing to the overall score between the two counties.

(d) Where weather or some other unforeseen circumstances forces a postponement, then the points total shall be shared equally between the two sides involved only if a match cannot be rearranged . Subject to the provision of Rule 6 of the Constitution.

(e) If a County concedes a match to another County, then all 22 points are also conceded and a 20 shot penalty will be imposed against the conceding County.

5. After each match the Secretary of each participating county shall complete the match result sheet. The Secretary will list the twenty four players, in the match, starring the Liberty Trophy players (Limited to 9 of the 24 players).  The match result sheet and copies of the scorecards shall be posted to the Association Secretary within 48 hours of the match. ln order to ensure quick publication of the results bulletin, the result shall be communicated by phone, fax or Email as soon as possible after the match, preferably on the same day.

6. A qualified umpire to be appointed to all matches by mutual arrangement between the counties and the E.B.U.A.

7. The home county to have the right to choose the rinks to be used. The draw for rinks and opponents to be made by the umpire.

8. If any meals are required after the match, the visiting County shall give the home County's club 7 days notice in advance. Generally, snacks are to be made available before and after the match if possible.

9. Should there be a tie on points between two or more counties to win the league, or to determine final placing, this will be decided on shot difference total for all matches.

If still level shots scored in all matches to be the deciding factor.

10. The winner of the North section will play the winner of the South section  in a final at a venue chosen by the current President. Green fees will be paid to the club chosen for the final.

If the final is a draw then one rink will play an extra end. The rink to play the extra end shall be chosen by the umpire before the start of play.