Home Counties Indoor Bowling Association
Constitution and Rules
(1)    Title

        The Association shall be called the Home Counties Indoor Bowling                   
        Association and shall be affiliated to the EIBA.

(2)    Objectives

        The primary objectives of the Association shall be :-

            (a)    To promote and foster the game of bowls as played indoors by males
                    in the constituent Counties.
            (b)    To hold Association games and competitions as the Executive consider
            (c)    To arbitrate in the event of dispute between member Counties.

(3)       Membership

            (a)    Membership of the Association shall be open to County Indoor Bowling
                    Associations which are affiliated to the EIBA.
            (b)    Application for affiliation shall be made to the Honorary Secretary and 
                    accompanied by a list of office bearers.
            (c)    A yearly subscription at the rate fixed at the Annual General Meeting
                    shall be paid not later than 31st October in each year.
            (d)    Any County failing to pay the annual subscription shall forfeit all the 
                    rights and privileges of membership until such arrears have been settled.

(4)    Administration

            (a)    The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by an Executive 
                    consisting of the President, the Honorary Secretary, the Honorary 
                    Treasurer, the Vice President, the immediate Past President (hereafter
                    called the Officers) and three (3) Delegates from each member County.
                    In addition to dealing with all matters in connection with the product of 
                    the business of the Association the Executive Committee shall deal with
                    such matters as delegated to it by the Annual General Meeting.
            (b)    The Executive will meet when circumstances demand.
            (c)    The Annual General Meeting will be held during the last weekend of 
                    September each year.
            (d)    The Honorary Secretary shall give not less than fourteen (14) days notice
                    of all meetings.
            (e)    Notices of motion shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary not 
                    later than twenty eight (28) days before the date of the Annual 
                    General Meeting.
            (f)    The Executive may appoint Sub-Committees and authorities to deal with
                     special matters and shall be empowered to fill any vacancies which may
                     occur among the officers.
            (g)    The Executive has authority to make Life Members of the Association.
                    The  Association shall nominate the retiring President an Honorary
                    Life Member at  the Annual General Meeting.
            (h)    The Honorary Treasurer shall present a financial statement of the 
                    receipts and payments to the Honorary Secretary of each County 
                    fourteen (14) days prior to the Annual General Meeting. The Financial 
                    year to end on 30th June.
            (i)    The financial statement is to be checked and confirmed at the Annual
                    General Meeting. The individual responsible for carrying out these 
                    checks shall not be a member of the Executive.

(5)    Meetings   
            (a)    In addition to other relevant business the Annual General Meeting shall
                    receive reports from the retiring Officers and elect Officers for the 
                    ensuing year.
            (b)    Nominations for the office of Vice President shall be accepted in the 
                    order as agreed by the Executive.
            (c)    The President, or in his absence, the Chairman of the meeting shall 
                    have a casting vote in addition to his own vote.
            (d)    Six voting members shall form a quorum.

(6)    Committees

        An emergency Committee consisting of the President, Vice President, Honorary
        Secretary and Honorary Treasurer shall deal with urgent matters arising 
        between meetings of the Executive and report back to the next meeting of the 
        Executive on any action taken.
(7) The Executive in Appeal

The Executive shall be empowered to adjudicate upon disputes referred to it 
arising between affiliated Counties as to the meaning or interpretation of the rules
and regulations or any other matter of practice, policy or complaint which is within
its jurisdiction. The subject of reference or appeal must be stated in writing to the 
Honorary Secretary who shall summon an Executive meeting to discuss it, or postpone its consideration until the next ordinary meeting of the Executive.
Parties shall be heard on each side and the decision of the Executive shall be final.

(8)    Alteration of rules

Alteration of or addition to any of the foregoing rules shall be made only at the 
Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting convened for the purpose.
Written notice of the terms of such alterations or additions must be submitted by
the Executive Committee or affiliated Counties of the Association twenty eight (28) days prior to the meeting.