Competition Rules and Contact Details

1. The Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours Championships shall be conducted in accordance with laws of EIBA and shall be open to respective Member Counties in each Competition.

2. Those eligible for each competition shall be the respective County Champions for that year. In the event of unavailability, or the same person qualifying for more than one Championship, ONE substitute may be used in the Pairs, Triples and Fours Championship.

If any of the County Champions qualify for more than one event or (for one reason or another) are unable to take part in the Championships, the losing finalists may take their place(same rule use of substitute applies)

N.B. Substitutes must not have played for another team during the respective County Championships.

Should the Singles Winner qualify for more than one Championship he MUST play in the Singles Championship.

3. The Preliminary Rounds are part of the Championship Competition and therefore these rules apply throughout.
Dress code for preliminary rounds is County shirt and greys. For semi-finals and finals it is County shirt and whites.

4. The draw for each Championship will be made prior to every Counties Finals days by the Chairman, the Association Secretary and delegates from at least 3 different member counties. On a date and at a venue designated by the President.

5. All entrants must be nominated by their respective Counties to the Association Secretary as soon as they are known.

6. Preliminary Rounds: A preliminary round will be played prior to Finals Day. These games must be completed 14 days before Finals Day. The first named player, being the Challenger, must offer his Opponent the choice of three dates on which to play, two of which must be a weekend. The Challenger shall have the choice of green and pay all green fees if payable. Where the mileage exceeds 160 miles round trip club to club (Google maps suggested route - quickest in time), matches will be played on a neutral green midway between the two clubs, unless mutually agreed. If green fees are payable at the neutral venue, they will be shared by both teams. All results of these matches must be sent to the Association Secretary within 24 hours of the completion of the game.

7. Finals Day: This will be held on a Saturday or Sunday in the following season on a date and at a Club designated by the President.

Each County will provide a County Official to act as a Marker if required.

The Host County will provide the necessary Umpires to oversee the Championships.

8. At the conclusion of the finals, annually agreed prizes will be presented by the President.